Buying a set of dentures, or dental implants and individual dentures, is an important purchase, and it is vital that you do as much research as possible before you make a final decision on the right solution for you.

As Denture Professionals, we aim to provide prospective denture wearers with as much information as possible regarding the types of teeth and dentures available as well as related products, ensuring they are in a position to make an informed decision.

Denture Care & Cleaning

Find out information on the relative benefits of denture adhesives and cleansers, including Poligrip, Fixodent and SunSparkle.

Fixodent Fresh Denture Adhesive Cream

Fixodent Fresh Denture Adhesive Cream offers you all the hold and fit you expect from a Fixodent adhesive. Additionally it has a fresh, minty taste that gives your mouth a cool, clean feeling without interfering with the taste of food.

Poligrip Denture Cleansing Tablets

Poligrip 3 Min Ultra and Total Care Denture Cleansing Tablets help to clean dentures effectively, which can help protect remaining teeth.

Poligrip Ultra Denture Fixative Cream

​Help to increase your patients’ confidence in wearing dentures with Poligrip Ultra Denture Fixative Cream. Just a small amount used once a day can provide a secure hold for your patients’ dentures, reducing wobble and making eating more comfortable

Renfert Sympro Denture Cleaner

​Improve your quality of life! Dentures change with age, under a microscope you can see how the surface becomes increasingly course. Every day cleaning at home is correct and important, but cannot prevent deposits forming and spreading.

SunSparkle Denture Cleaner

Everyone deserves a clean, bright smile and a healthy mouth. Wearing dentures, partial plates, mouth guards or orthodontic appliances shouldn’t mean hiding a smile.

Denture Systems & Brands

Discover the respective benefits of the different types of denture teeth available, including Schottlander and Ivoclar.

Condyloform II NFC – functional teeth

​Each Clinical Dental Technician certified to offer Swiss Denture Concept Dentures has completed postgraduate training and accreditation in order to provide their patients with a choice of the best available.

CQR™ Dentures

​Using technology to record the patient’s biting pattern which is transferred to his/her new dentures, CQR’s breakthrough product helps wearers chew more effectively and eat a wider range of foods as well as helping them to regain the confidence to smile and laugh.

Dentsply – DeguDent

​​Prosthetic dentistry encompasses the restoration and replacement of teeth, improving oral function, comfort, appearance and overall health of patients.

Enigma Cosmetic Dentures

​​Choosing a denture that looks like your own natural teeth will make a world of difference to you. The Enigma Cosmetic Denture System allows wearers, young and old, to still look great and feel confident. People are often surprised how natural their Enigma dentures look, frequently allowing them to be worn without others knowing.

Ivoclar SR Vivodent

​​​The natural appearance and the excellent chemical properties are decisive features of the SR Vivodent anterior tooth line. The large selection of 25 upper and 10 lower A moulds is based on the tried-and-tested, anatomical Ivoclar Vivadent anterior tooth moulds

PhysioStar NFC – 3D anterior aesthetics

​Each Clinical Dental Technician certified to offer Swiss Denture Concept Dentures has completed postgraduate training and accreditation in order to provide their patients with a choice of the best available.

Sun Dental Labs Premium Dentures

​​​​Premium Dentures from Sun Dental Labs feature a hardened plastic tooth with exceptional translucent aesthetics, both Bioform and Vita shades, familiar moulds, reliable, wear-resistant.

Sunflex Partial Dentures

​In comparison to acrylic partials, Sunflex® partial dentures are lightweight, more comfortable and practically invisible, with no metal clasps. They offer the perfect degree of flexibility, are more stain-resistant and do not discolor, warp or become brittle.

Denture Types

Whatever denture type you are considering, flexible dentures, denture implants, full dentures or hybrid dentures.imp

Acrylic partial dentures

​Acrylic partial dentures consist of replacement teeth that are set in pink or gum coloured acrylic resin. To aid the retention of the denture one or more wire clasps are placed around the natural teeth in the mouth.

Dental Implants

​​Whereas a traditional denture rests on the gums, an implant supported denture is a denture that is attached and supported by a dental implant. They are usually made for the lower jaw as traditional dentures are normally unstable on the lower jaw.

Flexible Dentures

Flexible dentures are an alternative choice for those who can’t tolerate the traditional type of denture and for those who are not suitable candidates for dental implants.

Full Dentures

​​​A full denture replaces all the teeth in either the upper or the lower jaw, or both. They are made from either acrylic or metal. The denture base is contoured to match your gums and the teeth in dentures today look very natural.

Full sets of Dentures

​Full sets of dentures are used when there are no natural teeth left in the mouth on either the upper or lower jaw. There are two main reasons missing teeth should be replaced.

Hybrid Dentures

​​​Hybrid dentures are used to replace teeth when all or a high proportion of the teeth are missing. They are used most when there is a lot of bone loss and the patient has difficulty wearing a conventional denture.

Immediate Dentures

​When replacing your missing teeth with dentures the Clinical Dental Technician will go through the process of making them specifically for the individual so they look great and fit perfectly. This takes time, so what do you do in the meantime following tooth extraction?


​​​​Overdentures are dentures that fit over natural teeth or implants. They are supported by and attached to either dental implants or root filled tooth roots. These are used to support and retain the overdenture.

Partial Dentures

​​Cobalt chrome partial dentures are also known as’ light alloy partial dentures’. They are much stronger than acrylic partial dentures and lighter to wear. Whilst the base in this type of partial denture is metal, the false teeth will be attached to the framework with acrylic.

Temporary Dentures

​​​​​Temporary dentures are made before damaged or diseased teeth are removed by your dentist but are fitted immediately after. This means there is no need to be without teeth for any period following your tooth extraction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our FAQs to find answers to all your denture-related questions.

Dentures or Implants?

​​​​​Find out the difference between the two most popular choices to replace missing teeth: dentures and implants, and see which is most suitable for you.

Do I clean my dentures in the same way as natural teeth?

​​Learn how to properly treat and clean your dentures and why cleaning false teeth is not the same as cleaning natural teeth.

How Are False Teeth Made?

​The standard processes and steps which are used to make false teeth from the dentist’s chair to the dental technician laboratory.

How can I avoid denture cleaner problems?

​Advice on what to do if you encounter a problem with your denture cleaner and how to avoid an allergic reaction to chemicals in the cleaning product.

How do I improve my oral hygiene?

​The basics to ensuring good oral hygiene while wearing full or partial dentures, including ways to prevent bad breath, stains and helping your dentures fit correctly.

How do I maintain my dentures to keep them in good condition?

​Advice on what to do if you encounter a problem with your denture cleaner and how to avoid an allergic reaction to chemicals in the cleaning product.

How do I make my dentures more comfortable?

​There could be various reasons why your dentures are causing discomfort. Find out how to make them more comfortable, whether its fixing a poor fit or preventing food getting trapped underneath.

How do you know when it’s time for new dentures?

​All dentures become worn and used over time, just like our normal teeth. Is it time for a new set of false teeth from a CDT?

How will wearing a denture affect me?

​​Find out how you will be affected by wearing dentures for the first time, for example in the way you eat, look and speak.

What are my dentures made of?

​We go through what materials are used in modern day dentures and why you’re lucky technology has come such a long way in recent years.

What is a Dental Implant?

​​​A short guide to dental implants and the steps taken during the initial assessment to decide if they are suitable for the patient.

What is the difference between a dentist, CDT and a dental technician?

​​We explain the differences between a dentist, clinical dental technician and dental technician and what services each one can offer you.

What’s the best way to clean my dentures?

​​​​A step-by-step guide of how to properly clean your dentures including tips on easily removing them from the mouth and how to keep them strong and moist.

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